Bread Therapy in Scotland

Here is a selection of some of the bread works of Sue Beveridge (our “Baker Without Borders” from Scotland). They are either from her work in bread sculpture or through her work with groups working with bread dough as a type of art therapy.

Bread Bodies  “I cast my body, fill it with bread dough, bake it in a big oven then I use the bread body  in various performances as a means of self expression.  I then leave it to mold which produces some amazing colors!”


Bread men –  “Whenever I am making dough or bread I nearly always make a bread man, or a dough man, small ones or big ones.   I like to think of them being an expression of little parts of my character.”


Owlpig – “The owlpig was made by a homeless woman who in the beginning didn’t talk or want to play with the dough but after I left her, she slowly started opening up and this is what she called her final shape. The nose of owlpig is actually one of my wee dough men.”


Ring of people –  “I worked with a group of heard of hearing women all in their 80’s.  They all seemed to connect  playing with the dough with their childhood and their homelife.  I particularly liked this little ring of people, it seemed to express  the solidarity of the group.”


Fists of dough – “Sometimes when I am with a group I give them all a piece of dough to make a fist of, then I bake it and give it back to them at the end of the session.”


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