Bread makers of Porirua, Unite!

Artist Simon Gray and a baker without borders is working with a diversity of ethnic and cultural groups across Porirua City to explore the symbolic and religious power of bread by sharing bread making techniques, customs and stories. The project invites bread makers and bread lovers to come together to develop a “Porirua Loaf”, one that reflects the diversity of people who call Porirua home. A Sourdough Starter Exchange will support the development of the “Porirua Mother Starter” that forms the basis of the “Porirua Loaf”. They will be using locally sourced ingredients such as spring water, sea sat and native herbs, which will be collected and shared at workshops and community events.


During the making, baking and eating of bread time will be made for other creative activities and discussions to make real the transformative and fun aspects of the daily staple that unites us all, bread. The project takes inspiration not just from bread making but underlaying the work is the acknowledgement that to make a beautiful and tasty loaf requires the best quality ingredients and time to bring these together. In the same way that a successful creative art project involves bringing together people who are passionate, creative and have the time to develop a sustainable and inclusive project.

You can follow the project here: or the facebook page at:

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