Launching our GAME “BAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS” in Germany

In November we are officially launching our new educational inter-cultural and inter-generational game Bakers Without Borders (, which is ready in German. The game will be available for sales starting in December through our partner, Lutz Geissler, and his famous bread-related blog,   Also, you could read more about our organization and the game in[…]


Cross-cultural baking in a refugee camp in Sweden 

Eva Bakkeslett from Norway organized in October the “Bread and Circus” cross cultural bread baking event with Kultivator, Ölands folkhögskola and wonderful people from Mölltorp asylum (refugee) camp in Sweden. “It was a fantastic fermenting with people from 7 different cultures and a lively bacterial community!”, shares Eva. It is beautiful to see how people[…]


Bread in the Guatemalan highlands

Bread in the Guatemalan highlands – the Community Cloud Foundation’s Conservation By Rob and Tara Cahill, Directors of the Community Cloud Forest Conservation     Lidia and Elvira are teachers at the Community Cloud Foundation’s Conservation in the Guatemalan central highlands. They are part of the WALC program, where they learned to bake during the fall[…]


Bread makers of Porirua, Unite!

Artist Simon Gray and a baker without borders is working with a diversity of ethnic and cultural groups across Porirua City to explore the symbolic and religious power of bread by sharing bread making techniques, customs and stories. The project invites bread makers and bread lovers to come together to develop a “Porirua Loaf”, one that reflects the diversity[…]