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Blog: A Baking Girl
Rossi spent summer 2014 interning at the Bread House in Gabrovo, Bulgaria and plans to use the experience she gained to begin a Bread House program at her university in North Carolina to unite various groups throughout the community and inspire the use of bread as a tool for social development.
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Baking School in the Mountain
Roswitha has traveled across the globe, from Europe to Africa, to bake with local people and help communities develop their own local baking programs, such as a community oven operated by women in a small village in Madagascar.
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Professor of plant breeding
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
His research is currently concerned with making varieties in wheat and oats resistant to fungi producing mycotoxins, and participatory methods of involving Ethiopian farmers as partners in selection of new barley varieties.
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Artist and Bread maker
Eva created the “The Companion Festival of Bread” in Devon, baked her MA thesis into a loaf of bread and has held many workshops and baking events in the UK, Norway, Bulgaria and beyond. Eva has made several films about the aesthetics of baking bread that have won awards and been shown worldwide including MoMa, New York.
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United Kingdom
A baker, a trained nurse, a comedian and performer and a community developer
Albert’s bakery is called Ubuntu Handmade Bread. It was started as a means to help him recover from a serious depressive illness. He loves sharing bread making with others and use bread to work with children, adults and many people with special needs. He enjoys the freedom and creativity bread baking gives him,
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Visual Artist and Baker
Molly has been baking, Illustrating and living New Zealand for the last few years. She has a great joy in working with children and hopes to learn more about how the making of bread can be used as a creative means for social and community change through volunteering at the bread house Sofia.
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Baker and Environmental scientist
Ian studied deforestation and food security in Q’eqchi’ Maya communities for his M.S. thesis, and coordinated with Community Cloud Forest Conservation. Having always loved baking desserts, Ian decided to expand his interest into bread, and he currently works as a pastry cook and baker.
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Simion Gray

New Zealand
Central to Simon’s practice over 25 years is a creative, collaborative and inclusive approach. The input from participants is crucial to the work and provides opportunities for them to explore their creativity to strengthen community and resilience. This idea will continue in his latest project ‘Bread Makers of Porirua, Unite!’.
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Coaches and life artists
As coaches and life artists, Helga found out, that bread baking “touches” everybody and gives new inspiration and happiness. “With our bread” they get in touch with people by exchanging goods – our bread for fish, honey, wood for the heating, etc.
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Cherry Cheung

Hong Kong
Architect and designer
Cherry is keen on art and crafts with warmth of hands – sketching, buildings, making models and baking. She is active in participatory projects in Hong Kong and Cambodia. She believes creating art is the most primitive way of communication and aspire to explore different practices with new medium.
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Pharmacist and Socially engaged artist
Sue have worked in bread and dough for several years as a cathartic means of self-expression. She is presently doing an MA at Dundee Art College. She would love to establish bread dough play as a type of art therapy and is currently exploring this working with community groups and one to one sessions.
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Germany, New Zealand
Co-Founder of an Association for sustainable lifestyle BewusstSinn e.V.
Philipp is Co-Founder of an Association for sustainable lifestyle in Germany (Bewusst-Sinn e.V.). He is Member of “Kornkreis” (~Crop circles) = german team of “BakersWithoutBorders”. Philipp is “theBakePacker” + Travelling with a mission: permaculture all over the world.
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Sustainable Development MA
Hannah is a recent Sustainable Development MA graduate who loves the creativity and inclusivity of Baker without Borders. From her travels and studies she is interested in the stories that the food we eat tell and exploring ways of making them more sustainable.
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Dresden, Germany
Permaculture Designer, Amateur Baker and Social Entrepreneur
Torsten is an enthusiastic amateur baker from Dresden. He studies Permaculture Design, works as an educator for sustainability and is co-founder of the association “BewusstSinn e.V.”. His current project “Kornkreise Dresden” is an entrepreneurial initiative for “Bakers without Borders” in Germany.
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Hi I’m Adam, I’m a Pastry Chef at the Wedge Co-op and owner of Majestic Chef Bakery based here in Minneapolis, MN USA. I started baking at 9-years old when my Godmother introduced me to food as an extracurricular activity, and I’ve been hooked since. Growing up here in Minneapolis, in a family where great stock is put into the belief, if you have the means necessary to help those in need, you in turn have the obligation to help those in need without expectation of reward in return. This belief is what drives most of my baking, for the Betterment of humanity both locally and globally, which has brought me to Bakers Without Borders to be an active force for positivity social change. I’m now working to bring Bakers Without Borders to the Twin Cities/Minneapolis area, by using baking and bringing its many artisans, I hope to help encourage positive community and social changes which builds and strengthens communities, instead of weakening and breaking them down.


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